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There are three aspects in the development of China's self-adhesive label industry

the label industry has always been ahead of actual consumption, so the development of label materials also indicates the development trend of physical consumption to a certain extent. Not long ago, at the Asia international label printing exhibition, Li Dagang, vice president and general manager of Allie Dennison's China label materials department, the world's largest self-adhesive material supplier and a veteran enterprise with a history of more than 70 years, put forward three predictions about the development of China's label industry based on Allie Dennison's relevant research report

first of all, according to the statistical data, the growth of China's retail sales in 2009, if the accuracy of the strain gauge is not high, or the anti-aging ability of the glue used to fix the strain gauge is not good, or the material of the sensor is not good, it will affect the accuracy and service life of the sensor by more than 15%, which will directly promote the non drying adhesive label industry. Even considering the negative impact caused by the decline in exports, the comprehensive development of the label industry is still positive. Li Dagang predicted that the comprehensive growth rate of China's self-adhesive label industry in 2009 will be close to the growth rate of China's GDP that year

secondly, in the future, China's consumption orientation will be increasingly affected by packaging. Research shows that the vast majority of people decide who to purchase after arriving at the mall, and the time to make a decision is within a few seconds. Therefore, how to make product packaging to attract people's attention has become an important topic for product manufacturers. In other words, product packaging has become a major factor determining the success or failure of competition to a large extent. This provides new development opportunities and research topics for the self-adhesive label industry

thirdly, the development of self-adhesive materials must comply with the new requirements of packaging and market competition in order to meet the needs of customers. Now, the requirements for self-adhesive materials are not only usable, but also need new breakthroughs in environmental protection, anti-counterfeiting, improving production efficiency, functional utilization of 2T tensile machine for engineering plastics, and improving shelf effect

Li Dagang believes that only by complying with the requirements of the market development trend in the above aspects can Chinese self-adhesive label enterprises occupy a dominant position in the competition

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