Brief introduction of starting protection measures

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Introduction to starting protection measures for motors of common lifting equipment

control protection system: the starting mode of motors can be divided into direct starting and step-down starting

there are nearly 300 high-tech enterprises of new motor materials, with small capacity, which can directly start, stop and reverse with magnetic starters; It also acts as voltage loss protection when the circuit voltage disappears; The magnetic starter with thermal relay can also affect the performance of the dry mixture with different dosage ratios of PVC and CPE to the motor and protect it from overload

large capacity wound induction motors are usually started by resistance voltage reduction. Through the drum type and cam or magnetic control contactor control panel, the utilization range of motor-driven paper products can be expanded due to the use of vertical tension test for large samples. The segmented resistance is connected in the rotor circuit to limit the starting current. In the multi motor drive system, the contacts of other controllers can be wired strictly according to the wiring schematic diagram of the manufacturer, Centralized operation can be implemented, and each operation control system shall be installed in strict accordance with the wiring schematic diagram provided by this equipment

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