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On November 29, China Plastics spot LLDPE market brief

China Plastics price index fell 1.17 points to 1292.73 points; The China Plastics spot index rose 0.63 points to 1256.24 points

I. upstream dynamics:

the New York Mercantile futures exchange will play a more role. WTI crude oil fell $3.80 to $90.62/barrel, and Brent crude oil fell $2.71 to $89.81/barrel

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

the ex warehouse price of PetroChina East China remained stable today. Lanzhou Petrochemical 7042 quoted 13000 yuan/ton, and the manufacturer's sales situation was acceptable

the ex factory price of Daqing Petrochemical LLDPE rose slightly today. The quotation of 7042 pellets was 12920 yuan/ton, and the powder was out of stock today. The sales situation of the manufacturer was acceptable

the ex warehouse price of Qilu Petrochemical LLDPE remained stable today, with the ex factory price of 7042 at 1 absolute quality guarantee of 2800 yuan/ton of BPA for fetuses

the ex factory price of Yangzi Petrochemical LLDPE remained stable today, with a quotation of 12850 yuan/ton for 7042, and the manufacturer's sales were acceptable

the delivery price of Guangzhou Petrochemical LLDPE rose slightly today, with the quotation of 7042 at 12900 yuan/ton, and the manufacturer's sales were normal

Jilin Petrochemical LLDPE leaves the factory today, and some manufacturers can only output the maximum force, and the price has increased slightly. The price of 7042 granular materials is 12920 yuan/ton, and the price of powder materials is 12620 yuan/ton. The sales situation of manufacturers is general

III. local market conditions:

the PE market of China plastic city is mainly stable, and some are increased in a narrow range. Stimulated by the news of petrochemical enterprises' production reduction next month and the increase of ex factory prices of some enterprises, the market atmosphere continued to heat up, traders' mentality improved significantly, and some reluctance to sell increased, pushing the market up slightly. Mainstream market price: LLDPE: yuan/ton

the trend of Hangzhou linear market this morning was general, the quotation rose slightly, and the overall transaction was general. The current price of Jihua 7042 is 13250 yuan/ton, and that of Yangzi 7042 is 13300 yuan/ton. The volume of goods is general

Shunde market is linear, the price is stable today, there are many inquiries in the morning, the overall transaction is good, and the traders have a good mentality. Maoming 7042 is quoted at 12550 yuan/ton today

the current price of Guangzhou linear market remains stable, and the mentality of traders is general. The quotation of Guangzhou Petrochemical 7042 is 13250 yuan/ton, and that of Maoming 7042 is 13200 yuan/ton

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