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AkzoNobel Taixing plant chloroacetic acid production expansion project completed news from Jiangsu, China, AkzoNobel announced that the production expansion project of its Chinese chloroacetic acid production plant has been successfully completed, which once again confirms the company's policy of increasing investment in high-speed growth markets such as China

the current production capacity of AkzoNobel Taixing plant has been increased to 60000 tons per year, making it the largest chloroacetic acid production plant in China. China's annual GDP growth rate is more than 10%, and its chloroacetic acid market has the same development range. The capacity improvement of AkzoNobel plant will meet the growing demand of the Chinese market. Chloroacetic acid is a semi-finished chemical product, which is widely used in the production of pesticides, carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and surfactants, as well as other uses

rob frohn, a member of AkzoNobel's board of directors in charge of professional chemicals business, said: "The Chinese market plays an important role in the development of our global business. This investment project shows our determination to improve our market position in high-speed growth regions and enhance our supply capacity. It is essential that AkzoNobel, as the world's largest producer of chloroacetic acid, ensure that we not only supply raw materials, but also advance side by side with our customers in key markets."

The experimental accessories and the main machine of the experimental machine cooperate with each other to complete experiments such as stretching, tightening and zigzagging.

the current capacity of Taixing factory is more than twice that of the original factory. It adopts the most advanced patented technology and the highest health, safety and environmental standards in the industry. It not only has excellent cost-effectiveness, but also minimizes the impact on the environment

AkzoNobel has developed rapidly in China in recent years. This expansion of chloroacetic acid plant is its latest move. Last year, the company set up a powder coating R & D center in Ningbo; In December of the same year, a brand-new chelate production plant was officially put into operation in Ningbo diversified chemical industry base with an investment of 275million euros. November this year will usher in the grand opening of the Ningbo base to regularly protect different materials and machines with the same combustion grade

AkzoNobel has more than 6000 employees in China, with an annual income of more than 1billion euros

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