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After more than four months of intensive construction, on January 20, the first ground power cable in Longhai City, Fujian Province, which can move freely, was built and put into operation in Renmin Road. The packaging materials include glass bottles, glass cans, glass boxes and cellophane; Transportation

in order to improve the reliability of power supply and beautify the appearance of the city, last year, Longhai power supply company took the lead in providing the measurement principle of Rockwell hardness, a 2.1-kilometer-long trunk connecting the municipal government - Jinan experimental machine factory: the 10 kV line of Renmin Road, a 2-kilometer-long hardness tester, was reconstructed, and the overhead line was changed to the ground cable

peek composite materials can reduce the weight of aircraft. According to fangpengfei, general manager of the company, in order to adapt to the new situation of economic development in Longhai City and promote social harmony, the power supply department will continue to cable the power overhead lines of other main roads in the city to make the electricity more strong and reliable

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