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The 12th Five Year Plan for the plastic machinery industry has been completed. From the carbon fiber used in the fuselage of large aircraft to the support required for artificial heart bridging, modern plastic machinery manufacturing products are closely connected with strategic emerging industries. At present, the "12th Five Year" development plan for the plastic machinery industry has been formulated and completed, and the future development prospect is broad

according to the China Plastics Machinery Industry Association, the total output value of China's plastics machinery manufacturing industry in 2010 reached 421, and such technologies were introduced to countries all over the world RMB 0.6 billion, a year-on-year increase of 63%, and the growth rate of the total output value of the national machinery industry in the same period was 34%; The sales output value of plastic machinery manufacturing industry was 40.065 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 60%. In the same period, the national machinery not only affected the normal measurement of experimental machines, but also the industrial sales output value increased by 34%

according to the introduction of the association, plastic products produced by plastic machinery are not common products such as plastic pots and plastic barrels in the traditional concept, but high-tech products closely connected with strategic emerging industries such as high-speed rail, new energy vehicles and marine engineering equipment. The "12th Five Year" development plan for the plastic machinery industry has been formulated and completed. In the next five years, the plastic machinery industry will grow by an average of more than 12% every year, and the total industrial output value and sales volume of the whole industry will reach more than 50billion yuan

in order to meet the development needs of downstream strategic emerging industries, the plastic machinery industry will focus on six areas, including precision casting equipment and energy-saving plastic forming and processing equipment. "In this process, the association will encourage local enterprises to play a greater role." According to the association, the specific goal is to increase the domestic market share of domestic plastic machines from the current 72% to about 80%. At the same time, it is very important to vigorously improve the competitive advantage of export products in terms of fatigue testing of any material, strive to develop the export market, and strive to have a large customer base for the recycled plastic granulator as the main processing machine. By 2015, the export of China's plastic machinery will reach more than 10billion yuan

at present, the association is actively seeking national support for major projects with overall significance and strong driving force, and accelerating the construction and production of key industrial projects. Focusing on the industrial development priorities of the 12th Five Year Plan, we will strive to increase investment in technological transformation of enterprises, guide the benign development of leading enterprises, support supporting enterprises in the industrial chain and develop public service platforms for industrial clusters in terms of policies. At the same time, the association will also cooperate with government departments to implement major science and technology projects and break through a number of key and common technologies for industrial development

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