Completion of gjr400 rotary drilling rig of Gansu

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Gansu construction investment equipment Co., Ltd. gjr400 rotary drilling rig completed commissioning

Gansu construction is facing difficulties: in large-scale international activities, Gansu construction investment equipment Co., Ltd. gjr400 rotary drilling rig completed commissioning

China Construction Machinery Information, Gansu construction investment equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the equipment company") located in pengjiaping high tech Industrial Park, Lanzhou, received good news from the workshop where the production of engineering machinery business division affected the machine performance. The first large rotary drilling rig developed and produced by the company, gjr400 rotary drilling rig, was commissioned

gjr400 maximum torque 400kn m. The maximum hole diameter is 3M and the maximum hole depth is 112m. Gjr400 series rotary drilling rig is mainly designed for drilling on the ground of various types of soil layers to realize large diameter pile work. Drilling is performed by the drill bit at the lower end of the drill pipe. The maximum depth of drilling is determined by the total length of the drill bit and drill pipe. The target market of gjr400 is located in the northwest region. Due to its deep embedment in the western part of the motherland and the influence of geographical location, the basic engineering market has been controlled by enterprises outside the province for a long time. In addition, the northwest region has rugged terrain and complex geological conditions. With the development of the northwest economy, the rigid demand for road traffic and other infrastructure has increased. The gjr400 rotary drilling rig is suitable for the geological strata in the West. Under the conditions of tight construction period, difficult construction and complex ground conditions, it is widely used in the Northwest market

the rotary drilling rig is a luxury configuration, and the hydraulic components of the whole machine adopt Rexroth system to ensure the high reliability of its performance. The mast is designed with forward tilt and supported by large triangular oil cylinder, which has good stability; All imported Cummins engines are economical, energy-saving and environmental friendly. Double reducer main winch, large lifting force output. Double rotary reducer mode, two-point braking, accurate positioning. The oil cylinder is pressurized with a large pressure stroke up to 10m. The traveling chassis, with large contact area and overweight chassis design, has small grounding specific pressure and large expansion range, providing the most reliable and stable foundation for the whole machine. It has various control mechanisms based on advanced electronic systems. Large TFT LCD monitor allows you to easily monitor and maintain the machine. The monitoring panel greatly facilitates daily maintenance and self diagnosis. The air-conditioned cab makes the work more comfortable, and the high rigidity cab fully protects the driver's safety. Low noise, beautiful modern appearance style. The motor of power head three reducer is hydraulically driven, with large driving torque, and can adapt to different geological conditions. Friendly man-machine interface makes long-time operation not easy to fatigue. Reasonable machine structure and scientific configuration design make the maintenance of the machine more convenient

it is understood that Gansu construction investment equipment Co., Ltd. successfully developed gjr150 rotary drill in 2012, and now it has been put into mass production; In 2013, gjr220, gjr250 and gjr280 rotary drilling rigs were successively developed and put into production. This year, the equipment company manufactured the first large-scale gjr400 rotary drilling rig. According to market research, there are not many manufacturers producing large-scale rotary drilling rigs. There are five manufacturers of such large-scale rotary drilling rigs in China. The gjr400 rotary drilling rig manufactured and produced by Gansu construction investment equipment Co., Ltd. was designed by domestic and foreign talents organized by gsec International Technology Co., Ltd. and the accessories were purchased globally. The gjr400 rotary drilling rig was manufactured, produced, assembled and commissioned by Gansu construction investment equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. in strict accordance with ISO international standards. The development of such a large rotary drilling rig for the first time marks a step forward for the equipment company in the direction of globalization

the equipment company is a new-type enterprise that conforms to the modern enterprise system and has global and market-oriented competitiveness. It always takes the research and development of new products as the focus of the company's development, further strengthens the management of scientific research projects, establishes projects according to the market demand and the company's actual production capacity, and actively carries out scientific research. At present, four industrial parks have been built in Lanzhou pengjiaping, Lanzhou New Area, Wuwei new energy and Africa ganatma. Various types of construction machinery have been put into domestic and foreign markets, forming a series of products such as wind power equipment, shield machines and desert control equipment. Among them, the technology of wind power series equipment has reached the international leading level; The "supporting project behind shield machine" developed and produced has been transported to the Republic of Ecuador, and has been successfully put into the construction of Minas headrace tunnel project affected by the friction force of oil cylinder; The first "shield machine" fills the gap in the equipment manufacturing industry in Northwest China

with the development of the enterprise in recent years, the equipment company will size up the situation, accurately position the industrial structure, focus on making breakthroughs in high-quality, precision and cutting-edge, and realize the diversified advantages of the industry. Pengjiaping Industrial Park, as the main production base of the equipment company, has developed into a high-tech industrial park integrating product R & D, enterprise management and traditional construction machinery, as a product trial production center that meets the international standards of enterprises; Lanzhou New Area Industrial Park focuses on building a first-class special vehicle production line, comprehensively drives the production of steel structures, vehicle transportation and municipal construction machinery, and promotes the all-round and multi-channel development of enterprises; Wuwei new energy industrial park will take environmental protection and new energy as the main line and develop into an emerging industrial park integrating wind power products, sand control equipment, waste treatment production line and electrical automation; Gsec International Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for formulating enterprise management specifications and company product standards in line with international standards, conducting global procurement, global marketing, project operation, international business contract signing, technology research and development and backbone training, and serving as the global strategic technology center of the equipment company

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