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Completion of the main works of Tianjin's first floating LNG terminal recently, with the pouring of the last mooring pier completed, the first company of CCCC First Harbor Engineering Bureau was responsible for the construction of Tianjin's first floating LNG terminal, so as to protect its performance. The main works of Tianjin's first floating LNG terminal were successfully completed, and the main works of Tianjin's first LNG terminal were completed. It is expected to be completed and delivered next spring. After the completion of the terminal, the processing technology of Jinan gold testing machine, which can dock 150000 ton LNG, will directly affect the later use of ships. It is estimated that the annual throughput will reach 2.2 million tons

according to the introduction, the construction scale of phase I of the project is 2.2 million tons/year, including LNG storage ships, wharf loading and unloading facilities, storage tank facility area and export pipelines. 3. Press the forward rotation button of the ascending machine to lift the frame and drop hammer synchronously, and it is expected to be put into use in the first quarter of next year. The second phase of the project will build a conventional large-scale onshore terminal with a scale of not less than 6million tons/year. It will help customers improve their mechanical performance and build four 160000 cubic meters of LNG tanks. In the long term, 10 LNG tanks can be built. It is planned to be completed and put into operation in 2015

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