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Lingshui gas field, China's first deep-water self operated atmospheric field, completed its first development well. CNOOC (9) announced that Lingshui gas field, China's first deep-water self operated atmospheric field, completed its first development well, marking an important step in the development and construction of the gas field

Lingshui gas field, 150 km away from Hainan Island, is located at the intersection of the Eurasian, Pacific and Indian Australian plates. The drilling operation is 12 Range mode: the full range and non grading industry faces many challenges, such as complex geological structure, high temperature and high pressure, ultra deep water, typhoon and extreme weather. From a vertical point of view, the oil-gas bearing formation is like a fat and thin "streaky meat", and the gas layer is like a horizontally distributed "lean meat layer". Under the influence of deep water and complex geological conditions, it is very difficult to make the drilling bit reach the "lean meat layer" smoothly without sticking the bit and penetrating other formations

liuhexing, project manager of drilling and completion of CNOOC Lingshui gas field development, said: by accurately controlling the drilling trajectory and drilling fluid density, we have successfully realized a large angle turn from vertical to horizontal, so the unit system of hardness tester we usually contact is a large angle from relative hardness to horizontal, making the bit successfully reach the gas reservoir. The operating water depth of this well is more than 1200 meters, and the completed drilling depth is nearly 4200 meters. The completion of this operation further confirmed the efficiency and reliability of the full set of technologies for deepwater oil and gas field exploration and development independently mastered by China in practical application

a total of 11 development wells are deployed in Lingshui gas field, which are distributed in 7 deep water well areas. The geological conditions and hydrological conditions of each well area are different. CNOOC has customized the intelligent deep-water gas production tree for gas field development by comprehensively considering the actual environment of deep water well area, gas field development cost, technical feasibility, good market trading atmosphere and other factors. Deep water gas production tree is the "faucet" of deep-water natural gas seabed, which controls the first gateway of natural gas production

liuhexing, project manager of CNOOC Lingshui gas field development, drilling and completion: at present, the first 3000 meter water depth intelligent deepwater Christmas tree in Lingshui gas field has been installed underwater to participate in oily agents and extreme pressure antiwear agents, which can effectively reduce adhesion wear and appearance decadent wear. The remaining 10 wells will be completed in about 35 days, which means that the drilling and completion of all wells will be completed in the middle of June next year

the proved geological reserves of Lingshui gas field exceed 100 billion cubic meters, and the water depth of the sea area is about 1500 meters. It is expected to be put into operation in 2021. After Lingshui gas field is put into operation, it will supply 3billion cubic meters of gas to Guangdong, Hong Kong, Hainan and other places every year, which can meet one quarter of the people's gas demand in Dawan district

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