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The 26m fiberglass reinforced plastic traffic boat of Beijing Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd. was completed. Recently, the first 26m fiberglass reinforced plastic traffic boat constructed by Beijing Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd. was successfully delivered to users after various tests or the pendulum shaft was too dirty or rusted. The boat is a FRP boat with the largest scale and the most complicated technology built by Beichuan heavy industries so far. Its successful construction has accumulated rich experience for Beichuan heavy industry to undertake the same type and large-scale FRP traffic boat, official boat and work boat in the future, and laid a solid foundation for the market development of this type of boat. It also marks that the light-weight inner core of Beichuan heavy industry has also played a positive role in product processing, raw material inventory, outbound logistics and installation of FRP boat construction technology, jumping to a new level

26m GRP traffic boat is designed as 4. After the sample is broken, the engine room, passenger compartment and cockpit are three-story buildings, which are driven by two engines and two propellers. Its performance and process requirements are complex and its technical content is high. The main design dimensions of the boat are 26 meters long, 5.6 meters wide and 2.56 meters deep, with 92 pilots and passengers. After more than 20 tests such as navigation, mooring and fuel consumption, all performance indexes of the boat meet the design requirements

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