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Recently, people complained that Ms. Tian, who lives in Hohhot, had obvious “ Bulge ” Phenomenon, but the decoration company is inconsistent, and shirks its responsibility on the grounds of tide and inequality. On the morning of May 15, the reporter came to Jindi community, Ruyi Development Zone, where Ms. Tian's home is located. According to Ms. Tian, the house was bought about three years ago, and was handed over last year (2012). Due to the remote location of the house, it is extremely inconvenient to travel to work. Ms. Tian used the house for rent and did not intend to live by herself

“ The house was probably decorated on April 10th, and the work was finished at the end of April, ” Ms. Tian said that she felt that the floor was not peaceful at that time, and she felt soft when stepping on it, but the decoration company said that the uneven ground was a normal phenomenon, and it would get better slowly. It would be no problem to step on it for a few days& ldquo; I didn't think so much, so I paid the balance of the decoration ” Ms. Tian said

Ms. Tian said that her decoration cost a total of 16000 yuan, including floors, furniture and other decoration of the house, which was contracted to the decoration company called Beijing Jiatai decoration materials Co., Ltd. I believed in the company and didn't expect such a problem. At that time, when signing the contract, there were no terms such as compensation for decoration errors

“ I went out to do business during May Day, and I didn't get home until May 7th. Then I found a big bag on the floor of the living room, ” Ms. Tian said. The reporter saw at Ms. Tian's house that a large bag of about fourorfive square meters had bulged on the floor of the living room, which should have been flat. Stepping on it, you could obviously feel a lot of air under the floor, and the floor of the kitchen opposite the living room was not very flat, and there was an obvious “ Bulge ” Phenomenon

“ I found ‘ Bulge ’ After the phenomenon, I called the decoration company, but they said at that time that the flatulence was caused by the tide and unevenness of my house and no ventilation, but there was no one at home, so it was impossible to keep the windows open all the time. Originally, the house had been rented out, and the tenant was going to check in these two days. Now, alas &hellip& hellip;& rdquo; Ms. Tian said helplessly

Ms. Tian said that when she went to the decoration company later, the decoration company took a tough attitude, saying that it was not the problem of the decoration party, and “ Bulge ” The phenomenon has a lot to do with the unevenness of Ms. Hotan's home and the tide at home, and said that Ms. Hotan can go to a third-party intermediary for identification. On the 14th, a carpenter surnamed Zhang from the decoration company came home and said that it was because the floor was too long and there was no expansion joint in the middle “ Bulge ” Phenomenon, which needs to be repaired again

the reporter then came to Beijing Jiatai decorative materials Co., Ltd., located on Daxue West Road, Saihan District, Hohhot. The person in charge of the company said that many residents who shop this kind of wooden floor will have bulges. The air in the floor may have a lot to do with the long-term absence of windows at home, and said that it would be much better if someone lived in it. She also said to appear “ Bulge ” The floor of the phenomenon was not damaged, as long as the air was discharged, there was no problem, and said that it would be repaired to Ms. Tian as soon as possible

Ms. Tian said that she was afraid of bulging after the floor was repaired, and hoped that she could sign relevant agreements with the decorator and safeguard her rights and interests in case of similar situations again





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